Process Engineer

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HQ Precision Cleaning B.V.

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€3.400,- to €3.800,-




40 hours

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor working and thinking level
  • Have completed a technical education (MTS, HTS, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering) or extensive experience in a similar position
  • Being able to read and interpret technical drawings
  • Strong affinity with both technological developments and production-related processes
  • Familiarity with the procedures and guidelines within a cleanroom (grade 1 and 2) is an advantage
  • Practical and proactive attitude to implement improvements within the cleanroom
  • Oral and written skills in both Dutch and English

Soft Skills

  • You are analytically strong and think in solutions
  • You have good communication skills and are socially oriented
  • Works in a structured manner and knows how to keep an overview
  • Curious about developments and shares knowledge
  • A team player and knows how to inspire colleagues.

Job description

Our new Process Engineer is responsible for ensuring that various production processes run optimally and efficiently and is partly responsible for the quality of the delivered products and the correct execution and optimization of the cleaning and qualification processes in the cleanroom.
You introduce new processes, create work instructions for them and supervise the so-called proto runs. The work will be carried out for a significant part of the day in a cleanroom environment where cleanroom clothing will be worn.

Your activities consist of:

  • Translating product specifications into processes and thereby helping to determine the optimal work sequence, workplace design, processing times, required machines and tools.
  • Compiling a detailed process description leading to work instructions and adapting existing instructions where necessary
  • Ensures correct technical documentation
  • Identifies areas for improvement, initiates projects or makes improvement proposals and implements them in consultation with shift leaders/team leaders
  • Provides input on process parameters such as cycle times, preliminary and subsequent costing of work orders, technical capabilities of machines and other equipment
  • Performs checks based on work orders, solves problems encountered, analyzes and provides advice
  • Informs and instructs the shift leaders and, where necessary, the employees
  • Analyzes, identifies, provides advice and consults in the context of processes, quality, safety, manageability and optimal production
  • Creates process design for efficient design of workplaces, machines and tools; analyze, optimize and make improvement proposals
  • Participates in consultations regarding processes within production
  • Helps ensure that production can achieve the set goals.

Your team

HQ Precision Cleaning has more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in the field of high-quality cleaning. We are one of the leading companies in the cleaning of high-tech parts. We clean and test to all applicable ASML requirements (GSAs) and similar specifications from other industries and companies. We do this for our customers in the following market segments: Semiconductor industry, Electronic industry, Aerospace and Mechanical engineering.

Thanks to our small team and the closeness of the office and cleanroom we can keep short communication lines. With our multicultural and internationally composed team, we celebrate personal moments and joined successes.


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